MasterCard makes Toronto priceless

New campaign tries to steal share from Visa’s grasp

It has outlived the slogans of other global brands such as McDonald’s and Coca-Cola. Now, MasterCard’s 14-year-old “Priceless” positioning is serving as the springboard for yet another global marketing venture.

MasterCard Canada last week unveiled “Priceless Toronto,” part of a worldwide initiative called “Priceless Cities” that debuted in New York in July and expanded to London in October.

The program aims to give MasterCard users “priceless” experiences that are endemic to that market. The offers encompass six segments: culinary, sports, music and entertainment, shopping, travel, and arts and culture.

Lilian Tomovich, head of marketing for MasterCard Canada in Toronto, called the program the next “large-scale evolution” of the “Priceless” campaign, which is used in 110 countries and has spawned countless parodies.

“Priceless has been built on a foundation of observing priceless moments. We’ve been the conduit for people enjoying those moments, and now what we’re doing is moving to enable them,” said Tomovich.

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