15 January 2011


Merchant Account FAQ

  1. What is a merchant account?
  2. How long is the approval process?
  3. What are the costs, fees and charges?
  4. Do you only offer offshore merchant accounts?
  5. When will I be paid?
  6. Will I have my own billing descriptor?
  7. What if I don’t get approved?
  8. Why are there different rates for different merchants?
  9. What are chargebacks?
  10. What is a monthly gateway fee?


What is a merchant account?

1) A merchant account is a facility which allows a business to accept payment for goods and services via credit cards. This process has a variety of labels, some of which are: e-commerce, e-payment processing or online credit card processing. Business owners (Merchants) who wish to accept payment via credit cards must apply for a merchant account facility, usually through a payment service provider or acquiring merchant bank.

How long is the approval process?

2) We work directly with our clients to ensure their web sites are in compliance with the card associations and acquiring bank requirements. Upon receipt of completed application forms and all supporting documentation, approvals are typically issued within 3-5 business days. Start Up businesses may take up to 5-7 business days. Switching to us from another processor is a fast, and simple process, and merchants switching to us from another processor can anticipate a much quicker turnaround and of course much better rates!

What are the costs, fees and charges?


We are transparent with all of our fees. A formal fee schedule will be issued for your approval once your application is approved. So there is absolutely ZERO risk, go ahead and apply today!

Do you only offer offshore merchant accounts?

4) NO! While we are the specialists in Global Payment Processing merchant accounts and as such are able to accommodate merchants for merchant accounts in MANY countries including The Netherlands, France, Germany, Belgium, The United Kingdom, China, Spain, South Africa, Hong Kong, Italy, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand, Cyprus, Malta, Norway, Sweden and more.

When will I be paid?

5) Payments are typically issued weekly, 14 days in arrears.

Will I have my own billing descriptor?

6) Yes. We offer all merchants the opportunity of opening their own direct merchant account (MID). Each merchant account has its own unique, personalized billing descriptor.

What if I don’t get approved?

7) We have an extremely high approval rate, so it’s very unlikely that you wouldn’t get approved. We go over all the details of your business before you apply, we do this specifically to be sure that you will get approved.

Why are there different rates  for different merchants?

8 ) We offer transparent pricing for all small to medium enterprises. In our experience most merchants use core services and as such we have simplified everything to ensure smoother setup, start up and accounting. Larger, well established high volume merchants of course may get rates that are even lower.

What are chargebacks?

9) A chargeback is what it’s called when a transaction is reversed. In other words, rather than adding money to your account it is deducted. Chargebacks can occur for a wide variety of reasons, such as double-charging, credit card expiration, bank error and customer disputes.

What is a monthly gateway fee?

10) A gateway fee is a monthly fee assessed for access to the online internet merchant account gateway for processing of transactions, and is usually billed directly through your merchant account by your processor. The monthly fee with us is only $35 plus the monthly gateway fee of $19. In addition there are per transaction fees  of $0.20 on the merchant account that the acquiring bank will levy and $0.20 per transaction on the gateway .



Our pricing is transparent and simple, with no hidden charges. We can have you up and running in no time.

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