15 January 2011

Payment Processing

Let us help your business accept every type of payment possible in all the markets your business operates. We specialize in secure payment processing solutions. Set up quickly and professionally. Get paid fast!

Merchant Accounts

The Banks that underwrite risk for credit card processing merchant accounts do not generally disclose to businesses applying for their own merchant account why they view the company as high risk, and therefore either decline the merchant account application or impose such high restrictions on the merchant account that make it impossible for the company to accept.

Apart from the product or service being sold online, the country where the merchant’s company is registered is a concern to the Acquiring Bank, and as such deem the business as high risk – especially if the merchant has registered their company in an offshore haven or “tax haven”.

We provide all kinds of payment processing solutions internationally. We know the risk and have managed to overcome the many obstacles that make banks hesitate to provide card processing solutions to merchants.

Our merchant account solutions and payment processing solutions are simple and open to most legal merchants including online casino and online gambling sites.

The following are a list of businesses which are considered high risk which we do not work with

    • Direct Sales/Marketing
    • Pawn Shops
    • Payday Loans
    • Bankruptcy Attorneys and counselor
    • Fulfillment houses
    • Nutraceuticals / Diet control substances.
    • MMJ
    • Dispensaries
    • Any marijuana related product
    • Multi-Level Marketing (e.g. Amway or Herbalife style businesses)
    • Extended warranty companies
    • Psychics / Fortune tellers
    • All travel and related services
    • Car rentals
    • Penny Auctions
    • Computer hardware and software sales, maintenance and repair
    • Computer support, network or information services
    • Web Hosting
    • Conference organizers
    • Collectibles and high market value items
    • Collection Agencies/ Credit Repair/Debt Reduction
    • E-Wallets & Payment Processors
    • Outbound Telemarketing Services
    • Escorts
    • Modeling agencies/schools
    • Real Estate brokers
    • Stocks, shares, options and other investments
    • Telecommunication products and services / telegraph services including VOIP
    • Ticket brokers / agencies
    • Used car and truck dealers
    • Tobacco

Alternate Payment Methods

Alternate payment methods are alternatives to using your credit card directly for an online purchase. These options can provide customers with more payment choices, more flexibility for complicated markets and streamline checkout for mobile devices. These options are also ideal for markets with low credit card penetration such as the Asian countries.

If you are doing eCommerce business in China or other Asian countries, our selection of alternate payment methods are must have services to grow your business.

With our management team’s 22 plus years of experience in the industry, we know exactly how to make online payments fast, safe and efficient. Get in touch with us today, and learn how we can take your business to the next level! We guarantee professional service. Get Started Today!